We believe in the possibilities of human connections and in the beauty of finding one's place in the world.

Our team of specialists listens to and understands the client's needs, because each project is designed in a unique manner.

This way, we strategically map out all the skills needed for the perfect connection between candidate and company.

We closely experience the market and gather information, cross-check data, generate value and insights, always challenging the client with the goal to deliver exactly what they need and not just what they want.

Our network grows every time someone approaches us with a challenge. So, you can be sure that we will find the ideal solution for you and your business.

We believe in a process with depth and without excessive red tape, seeking to deliver what our client really needs and what makes sense for each individual.

Our services


Talent Management

Talent Management Solutions: Succession planning, talent readiness assessment, coaching, mentoring and leadership development.


Executive Assessment: We utilize the full range of Hogan Assessment Center tool solutions with our expertise in talent assessment to support recruitment or development decisions.

Areas of Expertise

Deeply understanding the market in which we operate is one of our strengths. That's why our team is made up of people who have lived through it and bring with them a lot of experience in each area to deliver what you really need. Come and see how we can help you.


We have a team of experts in all areas of technology, from software development, data engineering, product management, through to user experience design, with the ability to identify and understand the client’s needs to attract the best talent. We guarantee that our clients are served by people who really understand the market.


Our team specializing in Digital has extensive knowledge in areas such as UX/CX, Product Management, Product Owners, Growth Marketing, and much more. We understand the importance of an effective digital transformation process in companies, which is why our network includes disruptive and experienced professionals, ensuring that our clients connect with the most innovative people in the market.

Sales & Marketing

Our team of consultants has in-depth experience in Sales and Marketing across all sectors of the economy. We have extensive knowledge and experience recruiting for Marketing, Trade Marketing, CMI and all commercial verticals. From consumer goods to energy, our experts strategically source the most analytical and creative talents to drive business and boost sales.

Human Resources

We have in-depth knowledge of the organizational needs of a variety of businesses. Our team of specialists can understand and assertively capture the best profile for each company context. We participate in our clients' day-to-day through all their challenges - from diagnosis to the delivery of a tailor-made solution. We are strategic partners at all times.


Like few others, we understand the complex universe of Corporate Finance, and are able to navigate all of its facets: Banks, Industries, Retail, Digital Payments and FinTechs. Our team of experts has years of practical experience in identifying top talent in the market.


Looking at the delicate integration of the production and supply chain with a high degree of complexity, we work with excellence and assertiveness on positions linked to the shop floor all the way up to management. This segment faces unique and specific challenges, and our specialists are always committed to supporting our clients and offering the best customized solutions for each business.